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Amazing smile transformations in St. Paul, MN

At Serafimov Dental Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we perform amazing smile transformations every day. Your Twin Cities dentist loves seeing patients leave our dental office with confident, healthy, and beautiful smiles. We are proud to make a difference by delivering consistently high-quality results that can dramatically improve quality of life. We genuinely care about our patients. We treat them like family and make sure that their visit with us is comfortable and stress-free.

But don’t just take our word for it. View the testimonials on this page and see just how happy our patients are with our dental care!

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Dr. Serafimov with a patient


We just completed 8 Veneers with Ren- he is BEYOND happy with his new smile!

Dr. Serafimov with a patient

Bill Gardner

“Very thorough, professional, caring experience, with a most satisfactory outcome!”

Dr. Serafimov with a patient


“My experience with Dr. Lu and Colette were able to make me feel comfortable at all times. I would recommend this dentist to anyone.”

Dr. Serafimov with a patient


“Meeting Dr. Lu was a very good experience for us. He’s always treated us with respect, courtesy and kindness and he is always thorough about explaining everything; and his staff is the same way.”

Dr. Serafimov with a patient


“He’s the nicest guy imaginable. He’s really caring about his patients and their comfort and he does remarkably good work. He takes every precaution for pain management and will immediately respond to any discomfort I’m feeling. If I need to stop and take a break, he’s fine with that.”

Dr. Serafimov with a patient


“It ( the technological advancements in the clinic, such as the massage chairs and TV screens) makes it nice, relaxing. Dr. Lu is a nice guy and he cares about his patients. His entire staff is nice.”

Dr. Serafimov with a patient


“Dr Lu is friendly and remembers my name and my kids’ names. He doesn’t hurt me. If I tell him I’m having pain, he stops and let’s me calm down or gives me more novocaine. He is always available and always answers my questions.”

Dr. Serafimov with a patient


“Dr. Lu has been excellent. He is well-trained and knows his business, and he has a very pleasant personality and cares about his patients. He’s very good at what he does and very professional.”


“I haven’t had teeth for over 15 years when I was referred to Dr. Serafimov and he fit me with some.  I couldn’t be more happy with them.  He did a great, great job.  If you need teeth, you should see him.”


“I am extremely pleased with the work I have had done on two crowns by Dr. Serafimov and his staff.  I also appreciate the patience and the time they take to answer any questions and explain any procedures.”


“My experience at Serfimov Dental has been fantastic!  From the ladies at the front desk, the Hygienist, the Dental Assistant, and Dr. Serafimov himself!  Everyone was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and patient with me (I am a dentalphobe).  I have had a teeth cleaning, whitening, and veneers all done at Serafimov Dental Office and every experiment has been a good one.  They got me in right away when I had a dental emergency, they moved my appointment up when they received my veneers back earlier than expected, they really listened to what I was looking for with my new smile, and they took the time to make my veneers and my bite look and feel just right and very natural!  I am really happy with my new smile and I appreciate all the effort and teamwork from everyone there at the office. Thanks Everybody.”


“Dr. Lu and his team have been fantastic to work with.  They patiently answered all of my questions and went the extra mile to help me achieve a beautiful, natural-looking smile.  I will certainly be recommending Dr. Lu to my family and friends.”


“I had a great experience!  The entire staff was consistently kind, professional, helpful and efficient.”


“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the work you have done on my smile.  I have had bonded veneers on my teeth for 16 years.  They had be repaired a number of times, leaving marks in the teeth I could see, even if no one else could, but the main issue with them was that they had yellowed over time.  As you know the bonding material does not respond to any of the modern whitening technics.  My regular dentist brought up the idea of replacing them with porcelain, I did not think it would make much of a difference for me and the price seemed outrageous.  I found your service to reasonably priced and Dr. Lu, you treated me with care like a long time patient.  You made me feel comfortable during the procedure and with the entire process.  I absolutely love the outcome!  My teeth are so beautifully white and I actually want to smile and show them off.  I, also, think it takes years off of my appearance.”


“This dental office is the best, from Sandy at the front desk, Andi the Hygienist, Alethia the all around helper and Colette Dr. Serafimovs assistant. Dr Serafimov is a kind, sensitive professional and extremely gifted in his abilities. I thank them for helping me through a very difficult time after breaking my jaw and needing a lot of dental work (17 crowns, 4 rootcanals and a bridge)! My teeth and smile look better than ever& I feel 20 years younger. Thank you ever so much.”


“I hadn’t been to the dentist in ten years and was reluctant to begin seeing one again, as previous experiences had not always been pleasant.

My fiancé has been going to Dr. Lubomir’s office for several years now and he recommended them to me. I dragged my feet for almost a year telling him that, ‘dentists were scary, and it was going to hurt’. He told me that the staff was great and that unlike other dental offices he had been to, they didnt judge or lecture you.

I finally got up the nerve to go in and found that it was just like he had said. There is always some anxiety going in for my appointments, however the entire staff in very personable and they treat you like a close friend and it really helps put me to ease. Dr. Lu is very patient and calm and is genuinely concerned with providing you a comfortable experience.

I have been missing a tooth near the front of my mouth for several years and it is something that I am constantly aware of and extremely self-conscious about. With my wedding coming up I really wanted to so something about it. I went in for a consultation and we decided that a fixed bridge was the right option in my case. The procedure went really smooth and the result is amazing! I absolutely love my new smile-and just in time for my wedding too.

I look forward to my appointments now because not only am I doing something positive for myself but because I know it will be a pleasant experience from start to finish. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Lubomir Serafimov to my friends and family.”

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